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Together we will create positive changes in your business!

Let me take care of the business back in the office so YOU will not be consumed by details. You are now free to go out and create MORE change.

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The Value of Catalyst Virtual Partners

By definition, a catalyst increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed. This is exactly why we need to partner. Let me take care of the business back in the office so YOU will not be consumed by details. You are now free to go out and create MORE change. Strengthen and foster your established relationships, while also being freed up to make new connections with the energy and enthusiasm needed to bring in new business!

As the CEO of your business you need the time and space to do what you do best, and the freedom to confidently let go of managing every little detail. As your business manager I will literally  hand you time and freedom. All that stuff on your to do list that’s keeping you stuck and unable to grow is exactly where I love to jump in. Let me help you take your dream to the next phase; to that next level where you have less on your plate but your business actually grows like never before. I will help you make this happen!

If you are a small business owner ready to bring a strategic partner into your mix enabling you to let go of your role as manager and step into your appropriate place as the leader of your business – let's get started on our  partnership now. Give me a call so we can collaborate about how this will look for your business.


Hello! My name is Laura Vukich and I am the founder of Catalyst Virtual Partners. ​

Let me help you create change in your business!

I am a Virtual Business Manager/Business Process Consultant. I work on a monthly retainer OR can be hired for specific projects. 

Projects I LOVE to do!

  • Managing/Coaching an existing team and all of their processes/projects. I am a solid, creative people manager with emphasis on performance development. = FREEDOM FOR OWNER TO MAKE CONNECTIONS/SALES

  • Setting up a new team, hiring, training. = TIME BACK TO YOU, THE OWNER

  • Creating new and improved processes in the business workflow such as suggesting and setting up appropriate Project Management tools for the team. Setting up a CRM or migrating over to a new one. Assessing the current workflow and adding more organization and prioritization to become more efficient and intentional. I love process creation, implementation, and improvement. All of this = More Sales!

  • Automating recurring processes in a company freeing up time and enabling more focus on  sales or projects. = MORE SALES!

  • Cultivating the importance of providing unparalleled experiences with outside customer relations, in other words inspiring your team to provide AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! = REPEAT BUSINESS & REFERRALS

My perfect client is a business owner who needs a partner to manage a HEALTHY, THRIVING, BUSY small to medium business.

Taking you out of the day to day, enabling you to work ON your business, rather than IN your business. The revenue would be 200-300k to ensure the investment is not overwhelming to the bottom line. BUT.... if a smaller investment is needed for immediate  assistance and  guidance; I  can set up a plan to get started on a focused path to success/organization and/or offer retainer work together as little as 20-40 hours a month.


I primarily work virtually, BUT I will travel to the team for check-ins if wanted/needed. If the business is local I love to visit 2-4 times per month to get in front of each other and bond in person. In addition, if needed, I do have a team that works alongside me. They work 100% virtually.


Please contact me for a discovery call. Let’s see how well we would work together. I look forward to meeting you!!!

Why me

Why me?

Certified OBM logo.png
  • I'm a Certified Online Business Manager

  • I have over 20 years as a top-level director in Business & Sales Management.

  • Proven Business Sales Development - Increasing Revenues - Strategist.

  • I am a Customer Service Specialist.

  • Leadership - SSCA Trained.

  • I am a critical thinker and efficient problem solver driven by results.

  • I am a Coach and Mentor.

  • I can supervise your Data system transition/Migration and map out needed process improvements.

  • Let me manage your budget

  • I possess...Integrity, Pride, Trust, Commitment, Passion, Patience, Perseverance and Reliability.


How can we work together? 



A Comprehensive Approach

  • We will have an initial consultation 60-90 minute deep dive into your business.

  • We will decide on your top 3 initiatives (What keeps you up at night?)

  • I will provide you with a Project Plan with deadlines

  • We will tackle those initiatives over a 90 day period

  • If there is still more work to do, we will continue on until we have you sleeping through the night!



For those who want ongoing support

With my monthly retainer services, you get a full-scope OBM. My role is to make sure the right things are done by the right people at the right time!


Monthly OBM services include: 

1. Team management

  • Create team structure and organization chart

  • Hire, onboard, and train new team members or contractors

  • Lead, mentor,  coach, and empower team, meeting with them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis remotely or in person based on location

  • Resolve conflict and promote team unity and cohesion

  • Manage team to execute the vision, meet deadlines and produce quality work

  • Remove roadblocks in the way of the team getting goals met provide clarity with effective communication

2. Systems analysis, setup, and improvement, Project Management

  • Create project plans in project management tool

  • Coordinate with team and contractors

  • Assign tasks with clear deadlines

  • Stay within scope, budget, and timeline

3. Creation of standard operating procedures

  • Map out and create efficient processes for all areas of the business (team, client/delivery, sales, marketing, finance, etc.) 

  • Document and organize in Standard Operating Procedures Guide (SOP's)

  • Identify and eliminate gaps and bottlenecks

  • Apply custom creative solutions

  • Audit SOP's regularly to update and improve processes

  • Automate as much as possible

4. Business Budget Planning

Starting at $1,700/mo 

*Note: starting price is for 20 hours per month. Also, there is a 3-month commitment for new clients.



For those who want an action plan for optimizing systems (new or existing)

With a systems audit, we’ll take a deep dive into your primary workflows and formulate a clear action plan for systems implementation.


You and your team can implement as soon as you’re ready. 

The Systems Audit includes: 

✓ 90 minute video conference call with me and your key team members

✓  Detailed action plan for implementation by you and your team

✓ 2 weeks of support from me



Home: Testimonials

Testimonials from People that know me Best

Straight from the Source

As a business professional, I know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. See what the people that have worked with me have to say about the work I’ve done.  Contact me today to see what I can do for you.

As Laura Vukich’s colleague for over 20 years, I can attest to her proficiency and professionalism. Laura is quick to understand complex problems and possesses the requisite skills needed to tackle them. On a great many instances, I’ve seen Laura take on daunting tasks requiring long term commitment, and was always impressed when she saw them through to fruition. Not only does Laura manage her projects with tenacity, she is skilled in her ability to manage people as a well-respected leader. Laura’s office is a place coworkers can feel comfortable visiting for commonsense mentoring and advise. Her professional, engaging personality is a big factor in my confidence with Laura’s interactions with our clients. Her ability to communicate in a warm and direct manner helped me close and retain more business. I can’t help but think Laura will be a solid contributor to any team, and would absolutely recommend her to any company lucky enough to work alongside her.

Alan Josse
Industry Sales Director at SEMA/PRI


Contact Me

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I will be in touch with you shortly.

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